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Monika Mansour, Autorin, Tätowiererin

Monika Mansour


I was born in 1973 in Winterthur, Switzerland. Together with my little sister, we grew up on my parents farm, where being well protected, cherished and loved. I loved the earthy life. I used to play with cats, dogs, calves and enjoy horseback riding  through our forests. No Facebook, Twitter and Videogames in that time and only two TV-Channels to get bored with. It was a great childhood. A huge 'thank you' to my dear parents.
Our farm was idyllic, somewhat isolated in a clearing, surrounded by meadows and woods. The Töss was the river, which formed a natural border with the neighboring communities. High limestone walls cut us off from the environment.

As idyllic our farm was, it already stimulated my imagination in the early years: 500 meters through the forest up the road was a mental hospital, as well as a asylum centers and a drug rehabilitation clinic. For sure, those institutions in our neighborhood brought some action: a man hanged on a tree, a police helicopter and blue light at midnight or a shooting in the woods. Once my father had to testify at the police station because of a stabbing.

And I never forget that night, it was a dark, cold night, as suddenly the doorbell rang. Outside was a half frozen girl, barely 18 years old, dressed only in a nightgown, barefoot and soaking wet. She was crying terribly and was confused. The girl had escaped from the mental hospital and had tried to run away through the Töss. But there was no way through. So she ended up in our kitchen. After a cup of hot chocolate, the nurses came to pick her up: cold and unfriendly they were.


Bauernhof Schweiz

Then there was the story about this fox, suffering rabies. As a five years old I was running in panic from that beast. Truly a moment of fear that I'll never forget and in some way or another will for sure show up in one of my stories.

Another time an escaped inmate of the mental hospital ended up on our farm. He has thrown 20 francs down at my feet. 'Show me the way home', he yelled at me. But I had Nora, my gorgeous farm dog. If I would have left her off the leash, that would have been a hell of a fight.



But maybe it was just this exciting childhood that gives me today many ideas for my books. Whether thriller, psychological thriller, love story... it's always people with their wishes, their depths and mistakes, who are writing the most exciting stories.

And maybe I need to note here, despite all these little action episodes in my childhood, never
anything bad  has happened to me.


Although I've always written with passion (I wrote my first short story when I was in third grade), I have decided to go for a safe job and became an optician. But just two months after the apprenticeship behind me, I decided to see the world: over half a year I spent in New Zealand and Australia - of course alone, at the age of twenty. I did my diving certificate, worked on a cattle drive and got my first tattoo.

Then followed a few years looking for the right job. In a hotel I have served chateaubriand, managed a whiskey bar and checked in the passengers at Zurich Airport. Later on I became an office employee, where I used to organize international shipments. Ten years ago, a good luck coincidence brought me to a piercing and tattoo studio. I loved to work with the piercing needle. And tattooing gives me the satisfaction, a brush and pencil cannot. Still nowadays I work as a freelance tattoo artist in this studio in Sursee.

Whenever I could, I traveled abroad. I spent half a year in the U.S., went to Thailand and Beijing. When I visited Egypt, I found my true love. Now I am married to my gorgeous Pharaonic husband for over than ten years and we have a wonderful prince who keeps me always busy.

These wonderful years of wandering the planet to find my true destination have given me one important ingredient, I needed to tell good stories: life experience.

My writing career developed slowly. I've been working on my first thriller for six years. A daily routine. It became 800 pages thick and till today exists only as a manuscript. I could then publish a few short stories. But my second project, a Swiss police thriller, suddenly got the break through. A big thanks to my agent, who believed in me. And  in October 2014, this police thriller will be released by Emons. 2015 followed my second book: 'Himmel, Hölle, Mensch'.


So I guess, an even more exciting path lies ahead of me. Let's step on it and see where it will bring us.



Monika Mansour

Monika Mansour


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