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Swiss Crime

Bullfight in Lucernes Wauwilermoos

Release: 20. August 2015

  • About lucky dragons, hell dogs and swamp corpses
  • Erotic, exotic, and yet a little conservative
  • Rural intrigues, revenge and secret liaisons

Here the trailer:

A gripping Police Thriller - told the other way

Finally, my police thriller will be released in october 2014:


  •  A young investigator between love, death and deception.
  • The trail leads from Zurich to Lucerne
  • A gripping police thriller



In Zurichs red light district, a Moroccan woman is stabbed to death; the young investigator Cem and his team from Lucerne take the case. The attractive truck driver Lana comes under suspicion. During his investigation, Cem finds out, that Lana is also working as a table dancer at a nightclub in Zurich. When a friend of Lana is soon found stabbed to death, the police is chasing her. As Cem finally confronts her, he is seduced by her charm - not realizing that so his own family drama begins.

Watch the trailer to my book