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February 2016


Writing suspense novels is my passion. My Swiss Crime Thriller Debut is out now. What a great moment for a writer, to find his 'Baby' at the bookstores.

Browse through this homepage. You will find all the n
ews about my books and dates of readings . Or follow me on Facebook and Twitter. The contact to my readers is very important. Do not hesitate to communicate with me in anyway you may find it convenient.


And if you like the homepage, just let a 'Like' and tell it to your friends. Hopefully, one day, 'Liebe, Sünde, Tod' will be awailable in english too...


Kind regards

Monika Mansour

I am a member of the syndicate, the german speaking crime writers association

  and a Member of the International Thriller Writers, Inc.

as well as a member of the ISSV


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